DSpace 7 Add-ons

Wide range of DSpace 7 Add-ons for enhanced experience and usage

DSpace 7 Add-ons

DSpace has excellent content preservation, search, and retrieval mechanism. However, specific modules are always required to enhance the regular DSpace's usage. DSquare Technologies provides a variety of add-ons for DSpace 7, and older versions to increase the benefits of your DSpace and make it more user-friendly.

Browser Based Viewer


DSpace has excellent content preservation, search and retrieval mechanism. However, there is always a requirement of inbuilt document viewing mechanism for meeting some of the key challenges repository owners face:

  • No control on un-authorized distribution of contents at the time of content viewing
  • Dependency on desktop-based document viewer / external plugins for content viewing
  • Lack of compatibility across multiple platforms for content viewing

DSquare Technologies offers browser-based document viewer for meeting above challenges. Additionally, we do understand that every institution has different objectives attached with browser-based content viewing requirements. Hence, we propose multiple browser-based viewing solutions

Features list

Features Basic Advanced
HTML 5 based viewing experience
Browser based PDF and PDF/A viewing
Browser based viewer Audio / Video files viewing
Browser-based annotation facilities for PDF files (add-on)
Dynamic watermarking for PDF
Inbuilt full text search
Accessibility features (zoom in / zoom out, rotate etc.)
Item metadata display along with bitstream
Embedding in existing DSpace page
Support for password protected PDFs
Server based streaming for High resolution Images
Server based streaming for High resolution PDFs
Server based Audio / Video streaming
On premise deployment
Cloud based hosting

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Visual Analytics & Reports


Present days repositories are expected to have features like data analytics and visualization for keeping its users informed on various aspects of repository.

DSquare Technologies can help you with DSpace Data analytics and reporting module for the purpose of showing usage patterns and tracking ongoing activities in DSpace.

Key Highlights

  • Trends on key parameters like Item usage, search, traffic across repository, Geographical spread of visitors
  • Visual presentation of all trends
  • Object level usage analytics
  • Report for tracking activities across repository that cover details like event timing, event type, user detail, location etc.
  • Dynamic Reports for tracking data growth in repository
  • All data points staying updated on near time basis

You don’t see what you want? We can understand that above is just tip of iceberg when it comes to data analysis. DSquare Technologies can create data visualization from DSpace as per institution’s needs.

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Contents Rating


Content rating module allow users to rate various contents uploaded in DSpace. Rating module is well integrated in DSpace for utilizing user's inputs for various purposes beyond display on item detail page.

Content Rating module for DSpace contain sufficient checks for ensuring authenticity of rating and preventing spamming.


  • User rating enable Repository Managers with qualitative analytics and help in differentiating contents based on user's feedback. This play vital role in drawing future roadmap of any repository.
  • Enable content author/submitter to highlight quality of its content and determine focus areas

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User Comments


User Comments module help institutions in converting unilateral DSpace repository in to a collaborative platform where users can leave its feedback on items.

Required provisions are made for ensuring authenticity of comments and provision of maintaining hygiene in DSpace.


  • User's descriptive inputs help content author/submitter with recognition as well as identifying improvement areas. 
  • User interaction on topics itself help in harnessing more information on item.
  • Help institutions in determining focus areas and there can be many other utilities of user's inputs. 

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Data Privacy (GDPR) and Security


Data privacy and security is the utmost priority for any business as we are living in a world where almost everything can be accesses electronically. Thus, the risk of privacy and security is very high. To ensure the protection of confidential data you need a right information security plan.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the important compliance to be followed when it comes to ensuring Privacy of user information. DSquare Technologies can help you in making your DSpace compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) related requirements.

DSpace enable open access of contents over internet to various users. Hence, it’s important to have your DSpace comply with OWASP web security standards. DSquare Technologies can help you with making your DSpace complied with OWASP Web security parameters and fixing the vulnerabilities that normally can create web security issues in your DSpace instance.

Batch Data upload module


DSquare Technologies, India offers browser-based batch data upload module for pushing bulk data in DSpace. Unlike other utilities available that require users to access server for pushing data in DSpace, offered add-on enable users to push data from client machine without having need of accessing server.

Features Highlights

  • Purely browser-based batch data uploading
  • Provision of configuring hot folder for continuous data uploading DSpace
  • No need to access server machine for performing batch data uploading
  • Provision for further sophistication as per specific requirements

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Payment Gateway Solutions


DSquare Technologies can help you with integrating Payment gateway and providing different solutions for monetizing the contents stored in DSpace.

Metadata Embedding (XMP Standard)


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  • Integrated metadata embedding module in DSpace enable metadata embedding in properties of PDF or PDF/A files as per XMP standards.
  • This add-on ensures that PDFs traveling outside DSpace  contain all metadata information within its properties.
  • Hence, there is no need of sending metadata in separate files.
  • Using XMP metadata extractor, embedded metadata can be brought back in structured format again

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Digital Signature


Ensuring authenticity and completeness of contents stored in DSpace is one of the key priorities of many institutions. Integrated digital signature solution with DSpace, that will ensure each PDF file uploaded in repository gets digitally signed. Thus, any distributed copy from DSpace remain authentic.

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IP and Active Directory Based Subscription

DSpace_IP_based_subscription DSpace_Active_directory_subscription
  • DSpace repository owners can allow content subscription for external users like institutions via IP range and/or institution's active directory via User Interface based module.
  • Provision of defining concurrent user load for external subscribers for keeping user load in control.
  • Time range based subscription.
  • Provision of integrating payment gateway should institutions want to use subscription service as paid one.


  • DSpace repository owners have better control on allowing external institutions for subscribing contents stored in DSpace.
  • User interface based module ensure zero dependency on technical team for making backend change.
  • Ability to define concurrent user load help in controlling users load on DSpace repository.
  • Help in monetizing contents.

Dynamic Watermarking



As name suggest, Dynamic Watermarking add-on can put watermark of institution's choice on PDF files dynamically during

  • Browser based viewing
  • Printing
  • Downloading

In regular scenario, Institutions add permanent watermark on contents and that compromise originality of contents. Dynamic Watermarking add-on ensure that file uploaded DSpace remain in original shape and watermark gets added to the PDFs while they are being viewed, printed or downloaded.

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Integration with Other Applications


DSquare Technologies has integrated DSpace with multiple Workflow Engines, Data Visualization / BI tools, Big data solutions, Case Information Systems in Judiciary and other core IT applications of organizations. With pool of APIs available, DSquare can help integrating your DSpace with wide range of IT Applications.