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Capture, Organize, Secure, Preserve, Share and see collaborative information management in action
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Why Choose DSquare Technologies?

Quick solutions for bigger problems.
Rapid and stable DSpace implementation at economical pricing
Experienced in implementing large scale & Innovative solutions on DSpace
Address entire lifecycle of information management
Rich DSpace add-ons ecosystem
Vertical specific information management solution
On premise and Hosted services model
Value chain solutions (Capture, OCR, Controlled vocabulary / Ontology, Automatic Keywords extraction, Business Intelligence, long term preservation etc.)
End to end solution using proven open source technologies
Consultative approach with efficient change management making solution specific and adaptable by users
All of these supported by team having domain and technology experts
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Your Leap to Smart Documentation

Experts at DSquare Technologies understand your processes and prepare a solution that best suits your business requirements for document management and process automation. We bring years of consultation experience to the table, work with you closely to pinpoint organization-level documentation issues, help to set long-term and short-term goals and finally help you go digital with your documentation for better productivity and organizational success. We come to you with a gamut of solutions on open source platforms to help you going smart with your information life cycle and process automation:
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