Knowledge Hub on DSpace

Collaborative Knowledge Management System on DSpace

Knowledge Hub on DSpace

Knowledge Hub is a collaborative knowledge management system developed on DSpace open source platform. Knowledge Hub has wide range of sophisticated features enhancing end to end experience of users. Some of to quote are rich visual analytics, Information rich modern user interface, GDPR and OWASP complied system, sophisticated item submission process, Intuitive search, Collaboration among users, personalized experience for users and much more. Beside all advancements done for enhanced user experience, it utilizes all good features of base DSpace platform.

Knowledge Hub is primarily available as a DSpace cloud hosting service that empower institutions to use advanced solution without having worry of hosting and maintaining solution. DSquare team stay with you right from conceptualization of your Digital library requirements till ongoing maintenance of and enabling users for efficient usage of system with continuous engagement on best practices and responding to all kind of user queries.

Key Features

  • Modern and informative User Interface built on Mobile first approach
  • GDPR and OWASP compliance
  • Developing relationship between contents
  • Simplified yet comprehensive submission process with validations like duplication check, manage metadata based on content type and allow users to import metadata based on DOI
  • Approval workflow from base DSpace
  • Rich and Dynamic Data Visualization (Statistics)
    • Quantitative analytics based on various trends
    • Major trends like Most viewed items, searches, trending types, geographical locations etc. are well connected with each other for providing meaningful insights
    • Qualitative analytics using Item Rating and User Comments
    • Users can get to next level of insights by drilling down
  • Collaboration
    • Users can rate items and filter contents based on item's rating
    • Controlled mechanism ensuring only genuine ratings reflect on items
    • Users can leave comments on items and adequate mechanism for maintaining hygienes in DSpace
  • Integration with third party solutions like Active Directory for Single Sign on (SSO), ORCID, CKAN etc.
  • And many more...

Hosting Options

DSpace Cloud Hosting Model
  • Knowledge Hub on DSpace is available as hosted DSpace Services bundled with ongoing performance monitoring and technical support by DSquare Technologies. Geographical location for hosting can be opted by Institutions.
On Premise Deployment
  • On premise deployment on institution's IT infrastructure with maintenance support is another option that Institutions may select.

Further Enhancements using available Add-ons

  • Browser based Document and Media Viewer (Basic & Advanced options available)
  • Integrate controlled vocabulary & ontology solution
  • Automatic Keywords / Key phrase extraction


  • Modern User interface with mobile first approach
  • Enable collaboration among users using comments and rating
  • Rich data visualization providing quantitative and qualitative insights on repository 
  • Inbuilt reports helping repository managers with different type of information
  • Well controlled mechanism for avoiding spam ratings
  • Complied with OWASP and GDPR requirements 
  • DOI based metadata import from external sites
  • Functionalities for ensuring hygiene in metadata quality 
  • On demand author profile and data pull from frequently used personal profiles sites
  • Branded as per institution's guidelines and integrated with your domain
  • Complete handholding by DSquare team from beginning of engagement and post implementation technical and usability support 
  • All good features of base DSpace platform comes bundled. 
  • Enhanced APIs for integration with multiple external systems like CRIS, documents digitization solutions,  Ontology solutions,  Automated keywords extraction etc.
  • Further enhancements by bringing in documents and media streaming solutions,  Mobile app etc.

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