InfoSpace on DSpace Document Management System

Collaborative Document Management and Workflow System

InfoSpace on DSpace Document Management System

InfoSpace is collaborative Document management and workflow management system developed on DSpace open-source platform. InfoSpace on DSpace is developed keeping needs of Office Document Management System’s requirements at the center which are completely different than an open access knowledge management platform.  

In addition to all standard Document Management System features, InfoSpace also provides an inbuilt workflow solution for moving information from user to user in electronic and physical mode. InfoSpace on DSpace is a multi-utility Document Management & Workflow System that can help in fulfilling different requirements of your organization, some of them are:

  • Collaborative Document Management System
  • Physical File tracking system along with Android and iOS Apps
  • Correspondence Management System
  • Workflow Management System
  • E-Office
  • Easy adoption as Domain Specific Information Management system

InfoSpace on DSpace is available in both the On-premise and Hosting Service model for meeting the requirements of various organizations as per policies. InfoSpace’s availability as a hosting service empowers the organization to use advanced solutions without having to worry about hosting and maintaining solutions. DSquare team stay with you right from conceptualization of your Document Management requirements till ongoing maintenance of and enabling users for efficient usage of the system with continuous engagement on best practices and responding to all kinds of user queries.

Key Features

  • Collaborative Document Management system addressing End to End life cycle of documents
  • Highly scalable architecture capable of managing volume of multi million documents for thousands of users
  • Built in Workflow management system having features like:
    • Maker Checker workflow
    • Documents routing for approval
    • Provision for creating workflow definitions and ad hoc workflows
    • Features like suspension, rerouting, SLAs setup etc. making workflow easy to use and relevant for real life situations
  • Physical file tracking system for moving and tracking physical files across organization
  • Hybrid DMS for both electronic and physical records management
  • Provisions for managing incoming and outgoing correspondences
  • Special provisions for meeting Indian Government department’s E Office requirements 
  • Flexible metadata schemas for meeting varied indexing requirements of organization
  • Powerful search engine making information retrieval effortless
  • Reporting and Dynamic Data Visualization, few examples can be 
    • Audit Report for tracking footprints of users across system
    • Productivity Report showing content contribution breakup
    • Content usage trends etc.
  • Collaborative working environment within system
  • Strong access control mechanism
  • Integration with Active Directory for Single Sign on (SSO)
  • Standard features like version control, documents linking, browser-based document viewer and many more...

Hosting Options

InfoSpace Cloud Hosting Model
  • InfoSpace on DSpace is available as hosted DMS Services bundled with ongoing performance monitoring and technical support by DSquare Technologies. Geographical location for hosting can be opted by organization.
On Premise Deployment
  • On premise deployment on organization's IT infrastructure with maintenance support is another option that Institutions may select.

Further Enhancements using available Add-ons

  • Server based muti-lingual OCRing using LunaOCR
  • AI based automatic key phrase extraction and classification solution for automatic subject base classification of incoming documents
  • Documents Scanning solution for bulk documents scanning
  • Server based digital signing of incoming documents


  • Time proven platform for managing large volume of records and users
  • Hybrid DMS capable of managing both electronic and physical records
  • Innovative approach making adoption easier for Organizations sitting at various stages of its digital maturity curve
  • Built in workflow system helping in achieving office automation requirements
  • Enable collaboration among users
  • Inbuilt reports helping repository managers with different type of information
  • Functionalities for ensuring hygiene in metadata quality 
  • Branded as per organization's guidelines
  • Complete handholding by DSquare team from beginning of engagement and post implementation technical and usability support 
  • Enhanced APIs for integration with existing IT systems of organization
  • Possibilities of enhancing solution’s utility by having value added solutions in place