Rapid DSpace

Budget friendly DSpace hosting on DSpace 7

Rapid DSpace

Rapid DSpace is the best-suited option for institutions with standard digital library requirements and wants DSpace customization and implementation within a limited budget and timeframe. In addition, DSpace customization cover activities like DSpace branding, DSpace metadata customization, OAI-PMH harvester, etc., on DSpace 7 to help you quickly bring your content online.

While Rapid DSpace hosting service is an excellent choice to go digital quickly, it's just a first step in the information management journey. DSpace's utilization can be further enhanced with various DSpace Add-ons offered by DSquare Technologies and gradually upgrading to the Knowledge Hub on DSpace collaborative knowledge management system.

Key Features

  • Rapid DSpace provides all standard features available in DSpace 7
  • DSpace branding as per the Institution's requirements and goes beyond an institution-specific logo, colors, fonts, etc.
  • DSpace Metadata customization as per the Institution's requirements
  • Search customization
  • OAI-PMH harvesting
  • Social Media integration
  • Google search and Google Scholar integration
  • Data backup on your appliances or online archival
  • Bundled REST APIs to integrate DSpace with other applications
  • Easy data export and migration should you want to explore other avenues
  • Facilities empowering institutes to self-service and making them independent

DSpace Hosting Model
  • Rapid DSpace is available in the hosting model to ensure DSpace hosting, monitoring, and maintenance by DSquare Technologies for you. The geographical location to host DSpace can be opted by Institutions.
On-Premise Deployment
  • On-premise DSpace implementation on the institution's IT infrastructure with DSpace maintenance support.


  • DSpace implementation in the shortest time period
  • Economical DSpace hosting model using the proven data centers service providers
  • Quickstart for institutions getting into the Digital Library space
  • Institutions are able to focus on their core activities with peace of mind as DSpace hosting, monitoring, and maintenance are managed by the DSquare Technologies team.
  • The flexibility to select the geographical location to host DSpace instance as per the regulatory requirements and preferences of the institution.
  • In addition to the major global languages, DSpace's availability is in Indian languages.
  • Integrate DSpace with other applications for data exchange
  • Roadmap approach for Rapid DSpace users to uplift them gradually by utilizing a variety of DSpace add-ons and value chain solutions.

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