Digital Library For One Of Tamil Nadu State Government Department On Rapid DSpace

Product & Services: Rapid DSpace
Industry Solution: Open Access Digital Library

Problem Statement

Officials working from multiple locations | Secured and Central Digital library required for online access of Books, Journals, Codes etc. | Quick & budget friendly implementation of DSpace for meeting Covid 19 urgency

Solution Highlights

  • DSquare team helped department in articulating requirements
  • Rapid DSpace used for hosting Digital library in shortest possible timeframe
  • All standard DSpace features like search, meta data customization, DSpace theming as per department's branding guidelines
  • Document Viewer Add on integrated for enabling browser based content access and preventing unauthorized content re-distribution
  • Beside standard features of DSpace, Rapid DSpace build has many bugs fixed that are observed in standard DSpace

Solution Benefits

  • Budget friendly and quick rollout of Digital Library solution
  • Staff able to continue its learning digitally while working from home
  • Knowledge sharing using common platform helping in raising productivity
  • Digital library implemented on global standards helping department in collaborating with other open access platforms for information exchange
  • DSquare's expertise enabling Department staff to use digital library solution without worrying about technical expertise and staff for maintaining DSpace


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