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InfoSpace DMS on DSpace for Document Management System and Workflow

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Documents Management System

Document Management System (DMS) came about to provide a way of organizing, capturing, digitizing, tagging, approving, storing, accessing, and completing tasks involving your business files and documents. Cloud-based document management software even provide you with a secure, central online repository of your documents, where you can easily search and retrieve files and share them with others. All these translate to efficiency, productivity, and savings. And you contribute to the paperless movement that’s good for the environment.

DSpace Document Management System extracts data from a wide variety of IT systems found throughout an organization and stores it centrally in a secure, legally compliant way. Authorized employees can immediately access this wealth of information, no matter the format, via their desktop or cloud. Integration with third-party applications and initial system configuration are both extremely simple and intuitive.

DSquare Technologies provide Document Management System developed on DSpace open source platform that can serve Document Management requirements of different verticals i.e. Administration, Human Resource, Healthcare, Education, Logistics, Manufacturing etc. DSpace is a highly scalable, efficient and light weight open source repository, platform primarily meant for disbursing knowledge in open world. DSquare Technologies offer Document Management System developed on top of DSpace’s scalable platform.

An office Document Management system developed on proven DSpace platform gets you best of both worlds in single solution.

Some of unique requirements of Document Management System that are met by InfoSpace DMS on DSpace:

  • Intuitive User interface developed specifically for Office Document Management System needs
  • Rights based access to the users
  • Version control functionality for keeping track of changes made in document
  • Documents referencing
  • Real-time Audit report for foot print tracking
  • Document Type and Global index level advanced search
  • Built-in workflow
  • Browser based PDF/Media content viewing
  • Inbuilt Digital Signature and Metadata Embedding
  • User Comments
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Integration with third party applications like Business Process Management (BPM), ERP and CRM

Deployment Options

  • On premise installation of DSpace Document Management System
  • Cloud based hosting of DSpace Document Management System

Value added solution(s) over and above DSpace for Digital Archives and Museums

  • Production workflow for bulk documents digitization, metadata entry and quality control. (Available independently and in integrated form with DSpace)
  • Batch OCRing of digitized images with output options in multiple formats like PDF, PDF/A, txt etc. OCRing of Indian (Hindi, Gujarati, Bangla etc.), Arabic and European languages. (Available as an independent solution and in integrated form with DSpace)
  • Workflow solution for automating various processes.