Multilingual Batch OCR solution



LunaOCR is an intelligent batch Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution for turning your scanned documents into searchable PDF, PDF/A and text files. LunaOCR take care of entire batch OCR life cycle. It manages for your business to convert your scanned images into searchable PDF format. Automate scanned pdf OCR by configuring any folder in your computer as a hot folder or watched folder. LunaOCR searches your magic folder for any scanned files (PDF and images), OCR them, and bulk convert to searchable PDF, by either replacing the originals files or creating a new searchable PDF and move the original file to the archiving folder. Optical character recognition runs in the background to make sure your new files are ready for keyword searching. LunaOCR can also work in tandem with your network scanner to convert its scanned output files to fully searchable, archive-quality PDF or PDF/A.

  • An optical character recognition software with multi-language support which converts your scanned documents into searchable PDF files. 
  • Option of configuring uninterrupted batch OCR that keep running in background for converting images into searchable PDF / PDF/A / text files. Or user can pick and choose individual images or folders for OCRing. 
  • OCR and searchable PDF automation solution for your scanned files which are coming from a network scanner or sitting in an existing file system.

What it can do?

  • Make your scanned documents searchable via batch (bulk) OCR without any human intervention using hot folder configuration.
  • Schedule searchable PDF conversion process to run during a specific time of the day or have it constantly watch certain folders for newly scanned documents or image files.
  • Option of selecting individual images or folders and process searchable files in various \ Combinations
  • Recognise text in scanned and image files and convert them to searchable PDF.
  • Recognise text in multiple languages.
  • Convert existing business-critical files, like old scans, faxes, and Office documents into fully searchable files.
  • Work in tandem with your network scanner to do OCR on any scanned file.

Who is it for?

  • Companies and industries which are document-centric like government departments, legal services, financial services, and technology companies.
  • Companies that provide scanning services for other companies.
  • Personal customers who use scanned documents on a day-to-day basis.
  • Libraries, government or non-profit agencies that collect, preserve and encourage public or academic access to historical documents.


  • OCR engine Integrated with DSpace for server based OCRing
  • Provision of integration with other application based on APIs