Process Automation Solution

Open source Workflow solution and Robotics Process Automation

Process Automation Solution

DSquare Technologies offer open source process automation solutions integrated with DSpace that help you in automating various processes of your institution. On other side, we offer Robotics Process Automation solution for automating various routine tasks of your institution.

Open source Workflow Solution

Workflow solutions automate business processes by enabling work to be shared productively between laborers. It matches work assignments with the specialists that can best do them. Workflow solutions can help streamline and robotize repeatable business tasks, limiting space for mistakes and expanding in general effectiveness. Thus, enhances your business. Managers can make faster, more brilliant choices and workers are engaged to team up in an increasingly beneficial and dexterous way.

Robotics Process Automation

We can truly change the way your business works with the help of Open source Robotics Process Automation solution. Robotics Process Automation is an extremely powerful tool which empowers you with instruments to make your own product robots to robotize any business procedure. Your "bots" are configurable programming set up to play out the undertakings you dole out and control. Consider them your computerized workforce. Demonstrate your bots what to do, at that point let them take the necessary steps. They can connect with any framework or application in a similar way you do. Bots can learn. They can likewise be cloned. Perceive how they are functioning and alter and scale as you see fit. It's without code, non-problematic, non-obtrusive, and simple.

Benefits of RPA for your business

  • Automate any process by using RPA as it is flexible, cognitive, and application agnostic.
  • Lower your operating costs with zero error rates.
  • Scale on demand and increase business agility.
  • Deploy and see Returns on Investment (ROI) in a short timeframe.