DSpace for Court case files management

Industry & Solution


Electronic case files management is the key success factor in judicial system. Systematic, efficient and organized records management system provides comprehensive information for courts to guarantee unbiased decision. Transparent information system and good records management indirectly hinder the misuse of power or corruption, case postponement and delayed decision. It also reflects the good image of judiciary system and upholds the rights of individual and society at large.

DSquare Technologies, India has developed judiciary specific court case files management solution on top of DSpace open source Digital repository platform. Here are some highlights of solution:

  • User interface developed for court’s requirements
  • Specific ways for managing Disposed, Pending and Unlisted case files
  • Integration with core judiciary IT systems for data push and pull
  • Developing relationship between different cases at lower and higher courts or multiple case files
  • Integrated digital signature and metadata embedding module
  • Browser based PDF viewing along with dynamic watermarking
  • Integrated bulk digitization workflow for court case files

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