Court Case Files Going Digital With DSpace

Product & Services: Customized DSpace
Industry Solution: Judiciary

Problem Statement

Centrally managing millions of court case files in digital form for easy and secured access of information. | Integrating court case files management system with other IT applications of courts. | Managing both disposed and pending case files | Compliance with security and regulatory requirements. | Capacity building & Training of staff for efficient adaption of modern system.

Solution Highlights

Technology Highlights

  • Customized DSpace for court case files management solution
  • Specific workflows for managing disposed and pending case files
  • Provisions for tracking history of case files, especially for pending case files
  • DSpace optimized for managing more than 700 Million Pages across Honorable Supreme Court of India and multiple Honorable High courts
  • Browser based document viewer for providing Read Only Access of contents to authorized users
  • Dynamic watermarking during browser based viewing of case files
  • Integrated server based digital signature solution for signing all incoming files digitally within DSpace
  • Integrated XMP based metadata embedding in PDFs added in DSpace
  • Multiple reports and data visualization as per court's requirements
  • Linking between relevant case files based on various relationships
  • Integration with document capture solution and batch case files uploading
  • REST API based integration with Case Information System (CIS) of High Court

Engagement Highlights

  • Continuous training for capacity building of Users
  • Proactive Engagement For Defining Strategic And Tactical Priorities

Solution Benefits

  • Case files available to all stakeholders using DSpace Digital Library
  • Ease of information retrieval due to efficient Search across all metadata and full text
  • Specific workflows developed for pending and disposed case files 
  • Various reports helping in keeping track of activities going on inside DSpace
  • Server based digital signature ensuring authenticity of files uploaded in DSpace
  • Access control, browser-based document viewer and dynamic watermarking preventing unauthorized access and distribution of sensitive case files
  • Case file linking module as per judiciary's guidelines making relevant case file's availability easy
  • Well integrated DSpace with Court Information System (CIS) enhancing utilization of case files stored in it
  • DSpace delivered with integrated and customized documents scanning solution enabling bulk digitization of backlog case files
  • Modern User interface developed as per priorities of Judicial system. User interface well optimized for using DSpace on mobile phones.


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