DSpace Technical Support

Technical support service for your existing DSpace

DSpace Technical Support

You can rely on DSquare Technologies India for Technical Support of your existing DSpace repository. We support multiple versions of DSpace and User Interface. 

We understand that every institution is unique and so are the support requirements, hence there are different DSpace technical support packages for meeting your needs. 

Premium Technical Support Pack

Premium Technical Support Pack is recommended for institutions who are running DSpace as its critical application and want to ensure support at special turn around time. Apart from combination of technical support and user support hours, this pack also provide option of getting development done in DSpace for fix number of hours. This allows institution to ensure that it has peace of mind with respect better uptime of DSpace and keep moving on DSpace feature and functionalities enhancement roadmap.

Economy Technical Support Pack

Recommended option for institutions who want to ensure combination of technical support and user support for smooth operation of DSpace installation.

Pay As You Go

Your DSpace support requirements are not frequent and need on demand support only then you may like to use Pay As You Go support option. You'll be charged as actuals. Support is available for both managing technical requirements and user support requirements in this model.