DSpace Hosting Services

Managed DSpace hosting services with reliable infrastructure and DSpace expertise.

DSpace Hosting Services

DSquare Technologies offer DSpace hosting services supported by proven DSpace Technical and user support. For any institution aspiring to host a digital library solution, it’s important to have a robust and secured infrastructure to host this solution. DSpace hosting in cloud model enable institutions to achieve its core goals without getting worried about DSpace maintenance or infrastructure support hassles.  

We go a step forward and further empower you with multiple choices of a secured DSpace hosting in cloud that enable you to select appropriate DSpace hosting services as per your institution's goals, budgets and go live timelines. Beside, providing you flexibility for selecting DSpace Hosting plans based on DSpace features and functionalities, institutions do have preferences like geographical location, security parameters, platforms etc.

We have separate DSpace hosting plans for small, medium and enterprise scale users. Hosting services cover:

  • Rapid DSpace - An economical and ready to go DSpace hosting plan
  • Knowledge Hub on DSpace - Feature rich collaborative knowledge management on DSpace platform
  • Custom DSpace - Solution developed specifically for your institution's requirements
  • Beside regular DSpace hosting, we do offer
    • Hosting Secondary (failover) server for DSpace
    • Cloud based Data backup
    • Hosting Testing environment for your DSpace instance