Customized DSpace

Customized DSpace solution as per your requirements

Customized DSpace

We completely understand your requirement of having DSpace customized as per your institution’s needs that may go beyond Rapid DSpace or Knowledge Hub on DSpace. DSquare Technologies provides customization services on DSpace platform for meeting these specific needs.

Our competent team having experience of more than a decade in customizing and integrating DSpace with multiple solutions is happy to provide an End to End (Conceptualization, Requirements gathering, Project Management, Customization, implementation and support) assistance in your journey of developing a bespoke DSpace solution as per your requirements.

Choice of various DSpace variants for customization: Base DSpace, Knowledge Hub on DSpace, CRIS, GLAM etc.

Key Features

Based on your requirements engagement may cover below activities and goes beyond as per specific needs of institutions:

Understanding your requirements

  • Working with your institution for understanding your requirements
  • Sharing relavent best practices from different spaces
  • Helping you with ideation and Conceptualizing solution
  • Efficient change management for good rate of adoption of solution


DSpace Customization

  • Developing User Interface as per your requirements
  • Metadata updates and customizing different areas like Discovery/Filters, Advanced search and other parts of DSpace for  
  • Developing new functionalities as per specific requirements of Institution
  • Fine tuning existing functionalities of DSpace as per institution's requirements
  • Enhancing security provisions


Integrations, Add-ons and Value chain solutions

  • Push and Pull integration with DSpace with other systems by using existing APIs using REST or developing requirements specific APIs. Some of examples can be Integration with other open access applications as well as Workflow/ERP/CRM solutions (should you want to use DSpace as Document Management System)
  • DSpace integration with your existing systems like Active Directory, Payment gateways, Two Factor Authentication and many more
  • Integrating various DSpace add-ons from available list and developing new add-ons as per requirements
  • Providing value chain solutions around DSpace like
    • Automating metadata indexing,
    • extracting key insights from contents,
    • Data Visualization / Business Intelligence solution,
    • Ontology solutions,
    • Data Digitization workflow,
    • Batch OCR solution etc.


Support, Training and Consulting

  • Ensuring peace of mind with technical support
  • Various type of trainings for efficient use of DSpace customized
  • Ongoing consulting for future roadmap creation

Hosting Options

DSpace Cloud Hosting Model
  • DSquare Technologies can help you with DSpace Hosting that will include monitoring and DSpace maintenance. Geographical location for hosting can be opted by Institutions.
On Premise Deployment
  • On premise deployment on institution's IT infrastructure with maintenance support is another option that Institutions may select.


  • Completely customized DSpace digital library solution as per requirements of your institution
  • You are free to applicable features and functionalities from base DSpace as well as Knowledge Hub as per your requirements
  • User Interface developed specifically as per your requirements and objectives
  • Development of vertical specific Information management solution e.g. Court case files management solution for Judciary
  • Wide range of available add-ons further enhance usability of customized DSpace
  • Integration of workflow solution enable you to create approval processes on contents added in DSpace
  • Enhanced APIs for integration with multiple external systems like CRIS, documents digitization solutions,  Ontology solutions,  Automated keywords extraction etc.
  • Complied with OWASP and GDPR requirements
  • Complete handholding by DSquare team from beginning of engagement and post implementation technical and usability support
  • And possibilities of enhancements are countless...

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