Data Capture Solution

Platform independent documents digitization workflow

Data Capture Solution

Organizations get information from a colossal scope of sources and in a wide variety of formats. Data Capture solution is a production digitization workflow solution that is platform independent and can be used for digitizing various materials such as books, periodicals, manuscripts, printed music, single-sheet media, case files, invoices, office documents, forms etc.

Our solution helps you by managing end to end life cycle of documents digitization.

Key Features

  • Inventory management of incoming contents
  • Batch documents scanning
  • Image enhancement based on modern standards
  • Paper / Image based indexing
  • Integration with various databases for automated indexing
  • Integrated multi lingual batch OCRing
  • Data Quality control processes
  • Output in multiple file formats
  • Integration with different IT Applications for data export
  • User role definitions
  • Dashboard based reporting on multiple aspects of processes

Something for Everyone

We understand that documents digitization workflow has different utility based on nature of organizations using it. Knowing this fact we have solutions for different verticals, which are:

Bespoke/customized digitization solutions

Bespoke/customized digitization solutions for bulk documents digitization service providers. These are customized solutions that help documents scanning bureau / digitization service providers to meet the requirements of managing bulk digitization processes in efficient and economical manner.

Digitization solution for Archives and Libraries

Specific solution developed for Archives and Libraries, helping them in managing digitization of old and rare artifacts i.e. starting from inventory creation until final data push in Digital library solution for further search and retrieval.

Data Capture solutions for process automation

Data capture solutions for managing and automating various document types for any organization.