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Digital Archives & Museums

Today’s Archives and Museums want to have scalable and open standards digital platform for publishing rare artifacts online in an easy to understand manner. While a Digital Archives solution may sound like any other digital repository solution, there are key elements that distinguish it from a basic DSpace digital library solution.

Some of unique requirements for Digital Archives & Museums are:

  • Server based streaming solution for storing and Publishing rich media contents like high resolution images, audio, videos etc.
  • Browser based batch data uploading in DSpace
  • Profiling of various elements connected with any object
  • Developing relationship between different objects uploaded in DSpace repository
  • Integration of OCR solution for extracting full text from digitized images loaded in
  • Allowing users to leave inputs in terms of tags or user comments and rating contents for continuous improvement of repository
  • Providing integrated data analytics in form of various data cuts and MI Reports to repository managers and users
  • Data exchange with other platforms based on different standards i.e. OAI-PMH, REST APIs, RSS feeds etc.
  • Compliance with standards like GDPR and OWASP standards in DSpace.

DSquare Technologies has developed an advanced version of DSpace for addressing requirements of Digital Archives and Museums.

Looking for DSpace GLAM? Having in-depth expertise and exclusive focus on DSpace customization and enhancements, DSquare Technologies can very well customize, implement and maintain DSpace GLAM for you. Additionally, we can integrate add-ons available in DSquare Technologies’ bouquet in DSpace GLAM.

We can understand that you need something more specific and advanced…. We are happy to further customize DSpace for making it unique for your institution.

Deployment Options

  • On premise installation of DSpace Digital Archives / DSpace GLAM
  • Cloud based hosting of DSpace Digital Archives / DSpace GLAM

Value added solution(s) over and above DSpace for Digital Archives and Museums

  • Production workflow for bulk digitization, metadata entry and quality control. (Available independently and in integrated form with DSpace)
  • Batch OCRing of digitized images with output options in multiple formats like PDF, PDF/A, txt etc. OCRing of Indian (Hindi, Gujarati, Bangla etc.), Arabic and European languages. (Available as an independent solution and in integrated form with DSpace)