Paperless Court at the High Court of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh

Published On: Sep-22-2023

Honourable High Court of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh successfully went live on the DSpace 7-based paperless court solution to set a new benchmark in the Indian Judiciary by transforming the live case hearing process to digital form using the DSpace-based solution. On the other hand, DSpace has entered the league of mission-critical solutions by serving live court case hearing processes across multiple courtrooms.

Considering the importance and transformational change brought by the solution, Honourable Chief Justice of India, Dr. D Y Chandrachud launched the project in the august presence of dignitaries like:

  • Mr. Arjun Ram Meghwal (State Law Minister)
  • Mr. Manoj Sinha (Governor, Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir)
  • Mr. N. Kotishwar Singh (Honourable Chief Justice of the High Court of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh)
  • The entire High Court family and key members of the Union territory 

Salient features of the solution

  • Running the live court case proceedings across multiple courts and catering to 150 plus concurrent users. Court case hearing is one of the critical processes in the union territories/states considering their direct impact on democracy. Hence, no downtime is expected during court proceedings.
  • The solution manages both disposed and fresh case records with the provision of incremental records addition.
  • More than 150 concurrent users working on a million plus items sizing more than 20 Terrabytes and rapidly growing.
  • DSpace is tightly integrated into the Judicial IT eco-system i.e. 
    • Variety of integrations with Case Information System, a judicial ERP developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), Government of India's IT arm, 
    • Integrated with production capture workflow and other IT applications for seamless data exchange.   
    • Specialized modules developed to manage live court case proceedings within DSpace.
  • Advanced analytics are in place for various assessments.

The solution has directly benefited citizens by reducing the processing time from record submission to the hearing and added to the transparency & governance in the system.

Other courts serviced using DSpace for similar requirements by DSquare Technologies: 

  • Supreme Court of India - 1.5 million items/15 Terrabytes data
  • High Court of Jharkhand
  • Bombay High Court - anticipated to manage 350 million records 
  • Calcutta High Court - anticipated to manage 800 million records
  • Orissa High Court (live cases)
  • Orissa district courts
  • Gujarat high court 
  • Tripura High court 

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