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Schools, colleges and universities manage large quantities of paperwork across the entire educational operation, including admissions, facilities management, health and safety, course work, HR forms, student records and reports.

DSpace Document Management System allows educational institutions to efficiently manage their documents and document processes by capturing and storing information in a central document pool.

Documents can be quickly and easily retrieved anywhere, anytime and from any platform. Security, auditing, version control and retention policies are easy to set up and manage. This ensures that compliance is maintained and confidential documents are only accessed by those with the authority to view them.

Data can be captured from paper and electronic documents for automatic indexing and classification. Data can be validated against existing back end systems or passed to other applications for further processing.

DSpace Open source document management system allows the education sector to reduce costs, increase efficiency, speed up access to information and improve collaboration.


  1. Free up space used to store documents
  2. Secure confidential information
  3. Documents are backed up as part of a disaster recovery plan
  4. Compliance with regulatory bodies
  5. Compliance with retention policies
  6. Version control
  7. Improved collaboration
  8. Audit trail – control over document life cycle

Deployment Options

  • On premise installation of DSpace Document Management System
  • Cloud based hosting of DSpace Document Management System

Value added solution(s) over and above DSpace for Digital Archives and Museums

  • Production workflow for bulk documents digitization, metadata entry and quality control. (Available independently and in integrated form with DSpace)
  • Batch OCRing of digitized images with output options in multiple formats like PDF, PDF/A, txt etc. OCRing of Indian (Hindi, Gujarati, Bangla etc.), Arabic and European languages. (Available as an independent solution and in integrated form with DSpace)
  • Workflow solution for automating various processes.


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